Monday, January 16, 2012

That's Our World

It's a New York bargain!
But only if you consider 50%
off $900+ a bargain. I stopped
into the Manolo sale yesterday, and
there were quite a few women buying.
As gorgeous as the shoes are
(and this was the most over-the-top
design I saw), I still managed to resist.

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  1. Carrie Bradshaw would have had these in her shopping bag in a New York minute!

  2. Kathy -- Absolutely! Those sparkly blue shoes Carrie was wearing when she married Big—weren't they Manolos?

  3. I can lust from afar downunder in OZ ... but that also means I won't be tempted to actually spend any money!!

  4. I'd have made myself put down the shoes, but I'm sure countless others wouldn't. These certainly are magnificent, Alexa.

  5. Kathy beat me to it. I've given up on pointy-toe shoes or those with a high heel...give me Danskos. ;<)

  6. It's beautiful but these days would never spend money on such a shoe. Not only am I now living the good (frugal) life but I simply cannot wear heels.


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