Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Mario Boat

This is an In Memoriam of sorts, as I heard
via Karen at The Venice Experience that this floating
Venetian greenmarket near campo San Barnaba
closed up shop for good this past December.
So sad—I still remember the unique experience
of getting veggies from a boat when I
first went to Venice, many many years ago

(and repeated lots of times since then).

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  1. It is a lovely photo. I love all the beautiful colours of the fresh produce. It is sad when things close down.

  2. Never saw anything like this. I'll bet the boat's owner never goes hungry.

  3. What a shame. I think it is a great way to go shopping. Much better than a busy store. - Margy

  4. Interesting. I am surprised more people don't do the same thing.

  5. What a happy memory ~ I hate the thought that he isn't there.

    Venice is changing!

  6. A lovely market! I'm sorry to hear it's closing.


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