Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Challenge — "toys"

Here where I work we all have toys (check out the
dinosaur in the background).  We were especially
excited when we got this swell remote-control
 flying shark to play with (though it was not easy
to maneuver!)—and had lots of fun sending it into the
conference room while a meeting was taking place.  :~}

[To see more toys, visit the Thursday Photo Challenge.]


  1. It’s hard to type while laughing. Thanks. An air shark slowly cruising into the serious atmosphere of a conference room with a meeting in session. What a hoot! I can imagine the scramble.

    Now you have me wondering about the Muzac in your elevator.

  2. This sounds like a fun work that you have. Lucky you!

  3. I have seen that flying shark or some big fish in tv. They look so cool as they fly !!!!

  4. Beautiful! A shark right near the Chrysler Building...

  5. What fun! A shark cruising the office. (Now all you need is the theme from "Jaws".)

  6. A workplace with toys...for me, who was a teacher, that's commonplace, but I do love that shark. I'd have sicced it on some people I know...


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