Wednesday, January 18, 2012

abc wednesday —A is for "angel"

I posted my first ABC Wednesday shot back
in April 2009. Two and a half years and
157 ABCs later, here we go again!
This angel lives on the beautiful
Ponte Sant'Angelo, in Rome.

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  1. Could have been A for Alexa. Thanks for staying with us!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. That represents a kind of winged victory for you.

    Congratulations! As far as I am concerned you are head and shoulders above all the rest.

  3. She's beautiful, A for Alexa! Here's to another two and a half years and more.

  4. What a gorgeous angel. We're on the same wavelength this week, both with Italian angels!

  5. Beautifully captured against the pretty sky!

  6. Lovely, lovely shot! I'd like to think this is what my guardian angel looks like.

  7. Beautiful shot! I love Ponte Sant'Angelo, thanks for taking me back there with your photo.


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