Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

Back in the day, every other store in the East Village
was a head shop. It's still the go-to neighborhood if you
want to get painted or pierced, but I guess the rents
are still quasi-affordable because there are also plenty of
interesting little stores, like this jewelry shop on 9th Street.

[To see more shadow shots, go here.]


  1. The jewellery display is an artwork in itself! Such enchanting shadow effects created by the arrangement of fixtures and jewellery!

  2. Now that is eye catching.

    I would expect to look up and see Catherine Deneuve working as a clerk here. Who was the interior designer? Roman Polanski?

    Spooky. Definitely not boring and run of the mill.

  3. Nice! I want one of those hands for my necklaces. I have a 'Buddha' one for my rings....

  4. P.S. Just checked out Tall Gary's links....I'd forgotten all about Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion...for me, she'd always been selling umbrellas.

  5. You know, if I were in "a certain condition," those hands emerging from the wall would freak me out!

    Threaded Shadows

  6. What a clever way to display jewelry! Made some great shadows for you, too!

  7. art displaying wares...very clever. great shadows!!

  8. That's a strange and eerie shot with the hands and shadows...

  9. Very interesting composition.
    The low light is perfect for this photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  10. It looks enchanted place but seeing all those wonderful blings make me feel comfy.

    Cool shadow shot!

    Happy SSS...

  11. I love the low light. Beautiful. Greetings. Have a nice week.


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