Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt

The category for this Photo Hunt is "circular,"
and this gorgeous circular staircase (designed in
1932 by Giuseppe Momo) can be found in the
Vatican Museum. Actually, the stairs form a double
helix, with one leading up and the other down.
Wonder what the folks at the Vatican thought 21 years
later when Crick and Watson discovered the double helical
DNA strand and that formation came to represent life itself.

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  1. Gorgeous is the word alright. Nice picture of the circular staircase too. :)

  2. oh, wow! a beautiful staircase, terrific shot.

  3. I love spirals. Well done!

    I should think Captain Nemo would regard this photo as highly as I do, after all, he christened his ship “The Nautilus."

    Double-helix stairway”—There are intimations that Leonardo Da Vinci may have designed the double-helix staircase at the early 16th-century, Loire-Valley Château de Chambord (3rd paragraph under “Architecture”).

  4. Fabulous!
    Walking those steps is amazing... as is most of the Vatican. I wish I'd gotten better pictures.
    See you next saturday and we'll share in Bliss!

  5. That is one gorgeous staircase, wow.

  6. All kinds of gorgeousness. It's magnificent ~ I think I'd feel a tad dizzy looking down on this.


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