Saturday, October 23, 2010

photo hunt — "orange"

The day after a couple of tornadoes blew through here last
month, the big orange forestry trucks (yes, NYC has a Dept. 
of Forestry—who knew?) were out in force.  Before the day was 
half over the only evidence of what had happened was a lot of
"Caution" tape and a mountain of mulch! (And of course some 
empty spaces where beautiful old trees used to be—sigh.) 

The same spot 18 hours earlier.

[To see more orange, go here to tnchick's meme.]


  1. That's a great orange shot. I had no idea NYC had a forestry department either!

    Tornados are never any fun.

  2. Great shots..hard to believe tornadoes in NYC

  3. Tornado in NYC, wow, I had not heard, nice shot of the orange trucks.
    I also love your shot of the sunset, beautiful, and of the gilded ceiling in Venice, both amazing shots!

  4. good thing there were orange trucks to the rescue. Hope all is well now.

  5. aloha,

    thats a nice take on the orange theme....didn't expect orange trucks :)

  6. Wow! a department of forestry? that is so cool.
    I just read Obama has provided federal funds for disaster relief due to the destruction those tornadoes caused.

  7. Very efficient that they dealt with it so quickly ~ just such a shame it happened in the first place. We had a kicker of a storm here a few years ago that took out some massive trees, including one across the road. I cried!


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