Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Challenge — "messy"

Saw this truck parked in Union Square.  
Some would say it's a hot mess, 
others might call it art.  
Where do you stand?

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  1. I think the front is messy, but the sides are 'art' of some sort!

  2. Tell you what! The white framing around the windows in the background looks artistic!

    I'd like to see the truck, in the flesh, before I cast my vote.

  3. About your other post from Vencie a few days back: See this from New York Daily Photo today!

  4. Not the truck cab, but maybe the remainder. This is not my style at all and I think that it reinforces grafitti. Thanks for posing the question.

  5. i like the sides but not the front

    nice shot

  6. Artsy, but not my favorite sort of art. Definitely a messy artwork.

  7. Sides are O. K. but front is too messy, I think :)


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