Wednesday, October 27, 2010

abc wednesday - O is for "out of focus"

But here's my excuse:  It's not easy when picture-taking is strictly
verboten and you're doing it anyway (at least until the jerk sitting
next to you says something—hey, it's not like I was using flash, Dude!).
This is a scene from "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, which 
moved recently from Off-Broadway to the real deal.  
It's gotten mostly rave reviews—and I loved it!

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  1. re the dude next to you - yeah, really!
    I do this all the time during shows, I can't help it & plus as long as there is no flash...right?
    Anyway, I love this shot. It's a visual delight. You've got a great eye Alexa.

  2. Yeah, I agree. No flash, no bother, unless you've got some sort of 500mm+ lens that's bopping people! Good 'out of focus' shot!

  3. you rebel, you. cool.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. but you are focussed on topic indeed .great vision behind the post.

  5. What a great idea - and unique - for this week's O post! Good job! Have a great week. :D


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