Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Back in August, the city began a massive renovation of the Brooklyn Bridge. 
The project will cost $508 million, including $30 mil in stimulus money. Though 
the reno will focus mainly on the ramps and roadways, the pedestrian/bike 
path has lost some of its amazing views. [Here's a similar view, but taken before they 
got these walls up.]  On the positive side, there are definitely fewer people up there, 
and I haven't been held up by a photo shoot in weeks.

[You can see more Shadow Shots here.]


  1. I feel like I am being drawn into this one. Wonderful shot!

  2. Me & my family was there last May and this bridge was one of the best bridge, we went to see.

    Lots of bridges in NYC at least what we had counter was 16. Every bridge got their own charm.

    Beautiful shadow shot too.

    Me & my family was there May last year and this bridge was one of the best bridge, I seen for so long.

  3. Just like a private walk on my favorite NYC bridge ! Thanks !

  4. Alexa, I'm sure that the view is missing with the panels in place but probably safer. I have not seen the bridge from the pedestrian's perspective.

  5. I like the long shot too with the shadow. I was there today, Sunday, at 3pm and it was impossible to walk. So many people enjoying the walk on this beautiful day and the walkway is narrower and claustrophobic at this point where the walls were put up. They seem to be using a lot of metal, aluminum? for these walls and whole swaths underneath.


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