Monday, October 11, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

A bright yellow boat in Burano—wonder if its 
owner lives in a bright yellow house too.  
What color is your house?

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  1. the perfect shot of just the right amount of yellow. lovely scene Miss Alexa!
    My house is white.

  2. Ooh...that little splotch of yellow is just the right touch. I live in a large brown building!

  3. Love your photos, especially anything to do with Venice and environs.

    My house is: red, blue, yellow and white. The back wall, I've done that like a Mondrian painting! Love it!

  4. Oh, how wonderful. I love it when you take us into these parts, Alexa! My house is a shade of jacaranda.

  5. So pretty!

    Pumpkin Carving for mellow yellow, have a great week ahead!

  6. It seems it is always sunny in Burano ! I have to confess I had trouble the first seconds when discovering the whole picture, time to scroll down and finally discover the yellow touch !!! You're playing with us, Alexa !!
    And my house is "ton pierre" (stone tone ?), beetween beige and light pink with lavender shutters.

  7. Oh! What a cool picture! Love it!

    I live in a brick house with a green roof! :)

    I have a MYM post up too.


  8. A beautifully framed image of Burano...


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