Saturday, October 2, 2010

Photo Hunter — "letters"

We have a great "giveaway" table here at my office—
which is where I found all of these A's (and a Z).  And 

this is how a useless but fun collection gets its start.

[See more "letters" here at tnchick's meme.]


  1. How handy! I don't imagine they are dusted very often...

  2. oy, I'd love to have a give-away table at our school.....I have stuff to give away.... These are cool letters!

  3. How great, letters from A to Z and plenty of "A"s for Alexa!

    I like the idea of a give-away table.

    Bon weekend,

  4. I was out blog-hopping this Saturday afternoon and followed the crumbs from Genie's blog. Your pictures give this Oklahoman a small view of life in NYC through the eyes of one who lives there. Much better than "The Today Show," I think!



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