Thursday, February 19, 2009

do I have a choice?

Well, maybe if the gate was open AND I
had a main battle tank.  This is City Hall—on 
Presidents' Day, so nobody was even home.
They weren't taking any chances all the same!


  1. wow... that is quite the warning.

    re your post before this one, I just can't imagine eating a frog.
    that's news to me that they are sold out of buckets. Interesting stuff Alexa.

  2. Yeah, Lily—the whole frog-in-a-bucket thing is actually pretty gross. I did eat frog's legs once. Fortunately, it was a VERY long time ago, but I doubt I'll be trying that again any time soon!

  3. Can't help thinking that, when they are on duty, the traffic cops look like this.

  4. Isn't it a shame we have to barricade such places nowadays, and practically have to leave a DNA sample just to get inside? Great photo.

  5. TG -- then I won't disappoint you by revealing that they wear blue uniforms, drink coffee, and eat doughnuts!
    btw, just saw your softshoe link from the other day.
    It was hysterical—and you'd have to grow a ponytail!

    Lily -- tastes like chicken (natch).

    Bibi -- yes, it is. At least you don't have to take off your shoes before you get on the subway (but there is sometimes random searching of backpacks, etc. by the cops).


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