Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shapes and Shadows

Vases on display at 
Baldwin-Guggisberg, one of the
beautiful shops along the Viaduc des Arts,
in Paris's 12th arrondissement—not exactly
central, but well worth the detour (for the shops
and the Promenade Plantée above them). 

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  1. Not so much the image per se but the artistry and the grey scale made me exclaim, “Oh, wow! Like Imogen Cunningham.” The reason I thought that was probably because her son, Ron Partridge, died recently at the age of 97. When I saw the L.A. Times obituary I got out the portrait he made of me in 1981 using one of her old lenses and I started to dabble at doing a blog post with it, and have been thinking of the family these days.

    The curlicue wires, the light and dark contrast, even the car reflection, the reflected sun glints on the vases, the vertical pole, the dappled shadows. This is a masterful, classic photograph. Very well done!

  2. Excerpts of her own words in a film by her granddaughter Meg Partridge. List of chapters here.

  3. Beautiful! I love the vases and their shadows, but particularly the way you have the background shapes seeming to blossom from the taller vase.

  4. All the shades of white, grey, black... Love it

  5. Catching up on your Paris photos, which I will continue to do. What a lovely trip you had.

  6. Lovely light with these classic vases.


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