Sunday, August 16, 2015

Church of Sainte Radegonde

This little church is in Giverny
(Monet's grave is in the churchyard).
I'd never heard of this saint (aka Radegund),
who was a 6th-century queen of the Franks.
And I'm not sure what she did to
warrant sainthood—other than leave her
husband and found a monastery (and 

she got him to pay for it). Actually, I don't 
know about sainthood, but that probably 
deserves some kind of prize.

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  1. St. Radegund may have sung this Latin hymn, as you can see from its history. First sung in 569, she would have had time enough to give it a go before her death in 587. For certain, she must have heard it.

    I like the movement in the breeze of that string door curtain. And the asymmetry of the bright glow of a window on the upper right; with the touch of present day in the lights above the door. The sun-brightness in the door almost makes half a heart.

  2. Very nice shot. Bravo!

  3. Interesting. What is the purpose of the hanging strands?

    1. Don't know. Perhaps they act like a screen door?

  4. Radegund must have been a very special woman as not many were brave enough to leave their husbands for any reason during the 6th century! I like this shot from inside looking out.

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  6. Excellent shot. I like also the story. The reasons for sainthood, in those times, are mysterious. II think that the hanging strands It is to keep out to flies. :))T

    His is seen at Inspire Sunday.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Beautiful door and entryway - nicely captured!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)

  8. Such beautiful light.
    Religion was so deeply different back then. Perhaps Radegonde's husband was proud of her piety?


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