Monday, August 31, 2015

The Grand Trianon

Decorating Louis XIV's home-away-from-home
at Versailles: Apparently when they found a
fabric they liked, they cornered the market
on it and used it for absolutely everything . . . 
including the draperies, of course!

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  1. Replies
    1. And maybe her inspiration (in part anyway).

  2. Whether she knew it or not. Art (thought) can be strange. Things often just float around in the air. One thinks of morphogenetic fields. Scientifically verifiable or not at this point in time, one thinks of them, or something like them.

    Or maybe she was unfamiliar with the interior decoration of the Grand Trianon, and therefore the Ambrose Bierce quote comes to mind: “There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don't know.” So, maybe her art impetus was one of those old things she didn’t know. But, regardless, there are obvious similarities, consciously imitated or not, between the Grand Trianon and Kusama-san. And the latest, modern, up to date, avantgarde-ish art can find resonance above in your photo of something that preceded this hot, contemporary art by up to several centuries.


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