Sunday, August 30, 2015

I shot a shoot

I came across this photo shoot in the
Palais Royal.  The photographer
made good use of the Buren columns and the
beautiful late-afternoon light and shadows.
(There was probably some post-production
work—I photoshopped a stray person
out of this picture myself.)

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  1. In his way the photographer himself is on top of one of the columns, isn’t he? (And playing Atlas with another). I like her black sunglasses with the white dress. The model guy, for some reason, makes me think of Kevin Costner mated with Tom Hanks.

    Ten years ago, on my first trip to Paris, I struck up a conversation with someone in similar circumstances as this which led to an afternoon and evening of Parisian adventures (to me lunch in the Place des Vosges, numerous art museums, and the like were adventures). No doubt that is why I have nothing but the greatest affection for the Buren columns.

    There is actually a lot I like about this photo other than the memory jog. Between you and the other photographer I think you may have gotten the better photo. He himself adds movement, interest, activity. And he is nowhere to be seen in his own photo.

    I couldn’t detect anything amiss Photoshop wise but then I noticed some smudginess where the wall joins the macadam just to the left of her, and the rough edge to the column she is sitting on. Just a guess. It’s not like she has three and a half arms or anything.

    I wonder if someone could make a documentary of the making of the following with the title: I Shoot a Shot.

  2. \Oh, I wish I'd been there to watch this shoot, Alexa. I do love your photo of it!

  3. Photographing photographing! How fun...and lovely, as well.

  4. This is wonderful! You've even added a puzzle. But I can't locate your stray person; your photoshopping is smooth!


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