Friday, August 23, 2013

Skywatch Reflections

I'm borrowing this idyllic image from my
daughter Lila, who took it when she was out
on Fire Island, off the south shore of
Long Island. I'm headed out to Montauk (at the
eastern tip of LI) today—and hoping for
photo ops (and good weather) just like this.

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  1. just checked my phone & I am happy to report that Montauk's weather looks absolutely beautiful for the next few days!
    I'm betting you are really enjoying the moon out there as well!
    & btw, Lila takes some nice pictures.
    ; )

  2. That's a really nice photograph. Good composition, I like the lines.

    I'm sure you'll love Montauk and take lots of pics... of the Lighthouse of course!

  3. Excellent photo!
    Your daughter did a really good job capturing the moment.
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea's menagerie

  4. wow... such a beautiful sunsett...well done...

  5. Nádherná fotografia.
    Beautiful photo.

  6. Nothing beats a beautiful sky over water. Thanks for sharing your wonderful image!

  7. I love the boats and how the sun is reflected in the water!

  8. The reflection is superb, but the letter police chosen to write the name on the boat is quite intriguing too...


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