Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Challenge—"fire"

My daughter Katie and I enjoyed this fire up in
the Andes in Ecuador last October.  It was started for
us while we were at dinner, then we fed it until past
midnight while we played cards, talked, and polished
off a bottle of red.  Do you have a fireplace? Do you use it?.

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  1. Lovely picture! We don't have a fireplace at home :-(, but whenever we are on holiday we try to find a holidayhome with one, because we both love it!

  2. Lovely! Your photo puts me in the atmosphere of Christmas holidays. We do have a fireplace, but it's fueled by natural gas. Clean and easy, but not nearly so romantic as yours.

    Violet N. (promptings2)

  3. It's hard to cozy up to a roaring fire when I was dripping today!!!

  4. Yes and yes... even if we have to turn on the air conditioning for Thanksgiving! Love the cozy look of this fireplace.



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