Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Challenge—"animal"

This pretty pink porker is Rosie, who lives at my friends'
horse farm. In addition to the show horses they raise,
there are lots of dogs and cats, a loquacious bird, a ferret,
and a goat (acquired to keep an orphaned foal company).
Rosie hangs out at the barn and I think I can safely say
she'll live out her days w/o anyone thinking "ham biscuit."

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  1. Rosie looks friendly. Does she like to be scratched behind her ears?

  2. My mother in-law no lie had a pig twice as big as this Porky come visit. He used to follower her around the garden area. It was her neighbours porky but she prefered my mother in-law and the nine kids to come and play with on Saturdays. She actually like the kids to throw a ball and he would be like a dog.

    He never ate it. Thank goodness he didn't.

  3. Oh hello Rosie. Nice to meet you.

  4. Rosie looks very sweet. A nice one for the prompt.

    Dropping by from the Thursday Challenge.
    Suzy at Photos are fun


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