Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shadow Shot Sunday

Now that I have a membership at the
Met(ropolitan Museum of Art), my goal
is to learn every inch of this vast place.
I do expect that to take a while—especially
since I keep getting drawn back to the same
galleries again and again. (These beautiful bowls
were made in Persia in the 12th or 13th century.)

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  1. very pretty bowls, nice shadows; have a good Sunday

    much love...

  2. These bowls are a vivid reminder that there was a time when humans did not eat from Styrofoam plates and drink from Styrofoam cups!

    Shadowed Windows

  3. very beautiful bowls...i am thinking we will be able to visit the met right along with you!! thanks for bringing us along!!!

  4. Lucky you. I think a museum is the best place ever to spend time. I"m going to work in a museum when I grow up!

  5. Thanks, all!
    MMT -- styrofoam? Heaven forfend!
    Robin -- More to come for sure—stay posted.
    V -- moi aussi!

  6. I can readily understand your fascination; beautiful artwork on those bowls.


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