Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thursday Challenge — "hands"

There's an art to sharing a subway pole on a 
crowded train, and New Yorkers have it down:
close but not touching—and don't make eye contact.
(Also, don't whip out your camera and start
snapping your fellow commuters. Just turn off 
the sound on your cell phone and try to be discreet.)

[To see more hands, visit the Thursday Photo Challenge.]


  1. Here everybody whipped out their mobile and tablets while in the subway ( we call it mrt here), they can be online or perhaps taking one bat an eyelid at such a common scene anymore.

  2. Splendid "incognito" photo!

  3. my husband went to Singapore, like Jama says, he snapped photos. I try to be more discret or I ask.

  4. Oh, the advantages of a cell phone with a good camera. I'd have probably spotted this shot, but not been able to take it.

  5. A day of a livetime ...... when I'm going to work, I go by underground ..... It could by my on this picture :-)

  6. There is a lot to reflect on in this photo. Wonderful!


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