Monday, April 2, 2012

photo op of a photo op

Found these guys up on the Brooklyn Bridge
recently.  It looked kind of like they were filming
part of a music video—but one that involved no
handlers, no entourage, no groupies . . . no ego?

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  1. For some reason your photo didn't show up on my screen! I'll check back.

  2. Oh, there it is! I was too impatient. That's cute...and I love that you took an op to get the photo op.

  3. Isn't Brooklyn bridge the best location for beautiful images...

  4. I had an experience like this last year at Maymont Japanese gardens. A female guitar player with died wild and weird red hair was having picture made for her album cover. I had fun taking pictures of them taking pictures. Doing the shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge is really cool and unique. genie


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