Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Hunt—"sturdy"

This triceratops looks pretty sturdy—and yet . . .

[To see more of the Saturday 
Photo Hunt, visit Sandi's meme.]


  1. Is this made of metal? Seems something strange for me.

  2. Great image for the week's theme....I remember when our daughter was a toddler, and she was so excited to go to the Denver Natural History Museum...we walked through the door, and there in front of her was this gigantic TRex...she stopped 'dead in her tracks' ---and was speechless. [highly unusual for the chatter box that she was]

    Mine's HERE if you'd care to join me. My first since TNChick stopped hosting long ago.

    Happy weekend.

  3. That's sturdy ~ and extinct :-)
    Maybe just being sturdy isn't the answer :-)

  4. My grandparents lived on W 82nd and Amsterdam so this was just a short walk. One of my sisters claims that a guard told her that the huge jade boulder was hers and she still reminds us!



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