Sunday, April 15, 2012

grape hyacinths

There are hundreds of these carpeting
the ground under the lilac bushes
in my local botanic garden—it's
a feast for the senses!

[It's Blue Monday. To see more, visit Smiling Sally.
It's also Macro Monday—find more at Lisa's Chaos.]


  1. What a gorgeous flower! I love this blue color.

  2. I just love these! They used to grow wild in a wood bear my grandmother's house.

  3. Beautiful, even just these few - I can only begin to imagine what they look like en masse. I hope your week's off to a lovely start, dear Alexa.

  4. Blue is a rare color for a bloom.

    Happy Blue Monday, Alexa.

  5. Alexa - these are just stunning! Really good macro photo, and beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Lovely blue color! I didn't know the name of these blooms.


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