Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

The neighborhood in Brooklyn seen here (Boerum Hill)
has lately become celebrity central.  But my good
(and un-famous) friends also live there.  That's why
the movie stars flock here—they can blend in
seamlessly because their neighbors (like most
New Yorkers) just aren't star-struck.

[To see more shadow shots, go here.]


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  2. Vivid! A crimson-kissed, high-contrast black-and-white photo, that isn’t, but is as hypnotic as a Gregorian chant. My ears—yes, but seldom have my eyes been so entranced.

    There is a section in the local paper with each day’s celebrity birthdays. Most of the time I don’t have a clue who anyone under 50 might be. Are “celebrities” coming and going faster these days or is it just the standard perception of we archeosaurs (ancient dinosaur-like, humanoid bipeds)?

    Living in the center of the world as you New Yorkers do makes all of you into celebrities of place compared to we bumpkins looking in. How could an “officially-recognized-by-the-media” celebrity hope to stand out among any of you? Apparently they don’t.

  3. Whatever - this is a wonderful composition for SSS -
    such gems as these can also be seen in Manhattan
    and the interest for mini gardens around trees is
    growing each year. It is getting quite competitive!

  4. STRONG SHADOWS--I love the way you framed this!!!


  5. Love the shadow the gate is casting as opposed to the rest of the fence.

  6. Lovely shadows! And wonderful with the burst of red flowers!


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