Sunday, June 22, 2008

we have one too

Not as big as the Arc de Triomphe, for sure,
but our arch, in Grand Army Plaza, is also
beautiful -- and it's two minutes from my
house. It does add to my yearning for Paris,
though (as if I needed any more help with that).


  1. Grand Army Plaza is impressive stuff. This is the same Prospect Park where the classical music was performed, n'est pas?

    I like the contrast between the pale stone and really well done bronze sculptures. And Thomas Eakins did the horses. I mean sculpted.

    My great grandfather might be considered one of those "Protectors of the Union," having served in the Illinois 62nd regiment from the age of 17 in 1862.

  2. This is very impressive. Thanks for the link TG.

  3. tall gary -- your great-grandfather would definitely be considered one of those protectors of the Union.
    I had lots of ancestors who fought in the Civil War (half in blue and half in gray).
    And, yes, this is the same park.

  4. :) awesome, yet again!!:)
    Seeing your pics makes me want to come to NY sooooooo much!!:)
    Really nice pic...likd the idea of tilting the lens a bit while taking the shot:)

  5. Alexa, I thought you managed to take a piece of L'Arc back with you to NY. Eric, look out! :-)


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