Monday, December 22, 2008

yet more proof . . .

. . . that anything can be decorated for the
holidays. Can't imagine how to put
Pan and Christmas in the same sentence.
But if he happens to be built into 
your fireplace, I suppose you just have to go
with it—as my ever-festive friends did.


  1. Well I guess he is the god of shepherds and is known to play a fairly decent pipe...although he was bested by Apollo (I think Apollo was a drummer, so go figure). I suppose there's probably even a "Pan Plays Christmas on Syrinx" CD floating around out there on eBay. Or if one's lucky enough, one might find "Pan's Pagan Music for the Holidays." Now, of course, there are the "sexual" connotations avec Pan, but that would be a tougher sell at Christmas. The lights really spruce up this musician's delightful demeanor. :-)

  2. Trust a musician to figure it out. I'll bet there is such a CD—will be checking eBay later.

  3. Oh, so that's a real Christmas decoration? I thought you were just being satyrical.

    A few of my favorite tracks from "Pan's Pagan Music for the Holidays" are, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful Dionysian Revelers," "The Twelve Days of Bacchanalia" and "Go Tell it on the Mountain of Olympus." Pan's solo in the latter, where he modulates keys and shifts to a five/four syncopated rhythm, is to die for.

  4. On a less sophisticated note, I instantly thought of the wonders a can of shaving cream could do...

  5. Tall G -- I'm never satyrical—that's just a myth.


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