Thursday, December 4, 2008


Poor pink pooch! I might dye my own hair,
but would I do this to my dog? On the
other hand, how cute is this puppy?
I'm torn.


  1. If it's something harmless and temporary like beet juice... I'm in.

  2. Hmmm...tres chic. Bibi is interested in the beet-juice dye, but how much does she need for a black dog?

  3. It seems like too much work, can you imagine when she gives herself a good shake during the process? I just bathed our Priscilla yesterday & she always shakes her shampoo all over the place!
    Unless they have something that is dry for dogs that you can rub in!

  4. Our white poodle years ago mixed it up with a skunk, so we figured "let's give him a tomato juice (a V8) bath." Boy, not only did he look worse than this canine, but the smell of skunk was still on him with a bit of Italian tomato too. I can't imagine what he must of thought of us stupid humans. ;-)


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