Friday, December 19, 2008

let it snow

Which it did. I admit I'm cheating—I was home nursing
a cold and did not take this picture of Central Park
today.  But I'll bet it looked exactly like this.

No problem getting around though, because they keep
this mountain of salt under the Manhattan Bridge, 
just waiting for a day like today.


  1. Of course you are probably right. At first I thought they were waiting for a Jimmy Buffet concert. What better backdrop could there be to enhance the landscape of Margaritaville than a mountain of salt?

    Hmm. Jimmy Buffet. Are you sure that's salt? Those road workers have been blowing their noses an awful lot. Speaking of snow.

  2. TG -- It WOULD be absolutely brilliant to hide a Pikes Peak of blow right there in plain sight, wouldn't it? And surely just as valuable as Fitzgerald's Ritz-size diamond. Hmmm, now you've got me thinking. . . .

  3. Hey Alexa...hope you can kick your cold. I'm finally gotten over mine that lasted oh about 3 weeks. I do believe winter is here. lol Tall Gary...Margaritaville...too funny.


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