Sunday, December 21, 2008

holiday parties

There's been one pretty much every night this
week, two tonight, another tomorrow. Not a
great time of year to be on a strict diet, is it?
This shot was taken at an annual party here
in Brooklyn: free wine, beer, and fab food,
and my brother's band provides the music. It's
such a great deal, and I don't think they ever
advertise it. But there are still more people
there every year.
(If you live here, you might be able 
to guess the venue.)


  1. Are you sure this is worthwhile? OK, your brother's band is playing which certainly makes the top of the A List for party time, but I don't know. Looks like a bunch of flakes to me.

  2. TG -- we could have used your talents on PDP yesterday!

  3. Alexa is right TG man! And you are in top form again. lol Love the reds...and I'm not talking wines here. :-)

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