Friday, December 12, 2008

Let there be light shows

Was passing through the main concourse in
Grand Central tonight, when all of a sudden
music began playing and the walls started moving!
We all just stopped and looked around at the cool
images that were playing all over the walls and ceiling.
This light show was created by the projection
artists from Artlumiere (who are very talented).
It gets shown every half hour from 11am until
9pm—and it runs through the 1st of January.


  1. I'm really enjoying your Christmas posts -- I've always wanted to spend Christmas in NYC and your pictures bring me there at least a little.

  2. festive in NYC right now. We have had a warm spell in the Midwest the last few days, though as you likely know in the Deep South they've had snow. It's like we're in one of those glass snowglobes and the nation has been turned upside down. We're do for snow and freezing temps next week,however, so I will enjoy the warm air for the weekend. Hey, you have a great weekend in a fabulous city. Also, am glad you liked the fan. It is one of a kind, like you of course. ;-)


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