Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

They had a nice selection of cute little
New York apartment–sized trees at the
Union Square greenmarket. 

On the other hand, here's mine.
Are all your presents wrapped? (I'm on it.)


  1. Your tree is gorgeous! Love all the lights. I haven't finished wrapping yet, but I only have a few things left, as most of my presents were shipped East already. Have a wonderful Christmas and I'll see you over at PDP tomorrow!

  2. Now that is a tree! It is lovely. It would be funny if on PDP all the avatars were of your trees.

    Merry Christmas, Alexa and family.

  3. Good for you - I'm a more is more gal myself when it comes to Christmas trees. Your lighting is gorgeous. Mary Christmas!

  4. Thanks, ladies!
    Happy holidays to you~

  5. That's a beauty. Have a great Christmas day!

  6. beautiful tree! I love it in front of your mirror.


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