Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Gentleman Peeler

This elegant fellow is Joseph Ades, British expat and
salesman extraordinaire, who hawks his vegetable peelers
(one for $5, five for $20) around the city. This shot was
taken at Union Square on a Greenmarket day.
He's been featured in Vanity Fair, and business must
be good: Apparently, he lives on Park Ave. and drinks
Veuve Cliquot.


  1. Great shot, and interesting story. He must be doing okay if he's regularly drinking Veuve Cliquot!

  2. I wonder if he is actually preparing all of those veggies for dinner. Another job perk!

  3. We are in the wrong line of work!

    What do you think? Maybe we can both start a veggie peeling business ourselves. You do Brooklyn and I'll do Queens.

    Maybe we can live on Park Avenue and drink Vueve Clicquot.


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