Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jardin du Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Palace (now the headquarters 
of the French senate) was built between 
1615 and 1645 for Marie de Medici, widow of Henri IV.
It was passed down through various members 
of her family, was at one time the home of the scandalous 
Duchess du Berry, and was taken over by 
Hermann Göring during the German occupation.  

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  1. Just finished a story by Lily Tuck of when she was living on the street, Rue Guynemer, bordering the west edge of Luxembourg Gardens. The story is in this anthology.

    Nice perspective and contrasting textures. And thanks for the history and that perspective.

    But really, where do they get off calling that a palace? My garden shed is more palatial. (In my dreams)

  2. I think it's rather sweet to see such humble flowers growing in the garden bed there !!! It's very cheerful-looking .... not that a palace should look anything but cheerful.

  3. How pretty! I love the colors that are put together in this flowerbed!

  4. I have these flowers on my table....they smell so good to me.

  5. I have these flowers on my table....they smell so good to me.

  6. Sorry for being so late catching up Alexa but wanted to thank you for linking with Today’s Flowers. Great photo of the Luxembourg Palace! Have a great weekend :)

  7. I took one look at those mums and said LUX! Don't you just love them? I have a million photos and don't mind a bit.


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