Monday, November 16, 2015

Fluctuat nec mergitur

I took this picture exactly two years ago,
when I was in Paris with two fellow
bloggers who have now become my good friends.
They are both there now, and I am so
grateful that they—and all my Paris friends—are
safe.  We won't let what's happened keep us 

from the city we love so much.  As the motto of Paris
says:  "Elle est agitée par les vagues, et ne sombre pas"
(She is tossed by the waves, but does not sink).

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  1. An appropriately somber image.

    A sad day. A sad day indeed. My thoughts go with the loss felt by friends, loved ones and family. And the loss of the nation of France. And the loss of all of us who respect human life. Unbearable thoughts.

  2. Our hearts go out to the people of Paris during these terrible times. We all feel solidarity with Paris for I know the City and France will survive this senseless, random attack. Thank you for a fine post.

  3. Prayers for all the many cities that are suffering from attacks and fears. I almost immediately thought of you and your love of Paris. Prayers for you, too.


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