Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kings Theater

This theater, On Flatbush Avenue in the heart
of Brooklyn, opened in 1929 and was
closed in 1977.  Finally, after the completion this
year of a $95 million restoration of the original design
along with 21st-century technical improvements,
we have a wonderful new venue for live entertainment.
SO glad they opted to renovate rather than demolish.
(I was there with my girls to see the
So You Think You Can Dance live touring show—
anyone else addicted to SYTYCD?) 

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  1. “French-influenced Baroque.” Or one might say resplendently opulent. Your shot makes it look decorated as though it’s an exquisite bronze sculpture. So glad they restored the theatre. Miraculous, really, considering how long it had been derelict.

    I have been little exposed to SYTYCD but, noodling around YouTube, I found that I liked this.

    As a minor historical sidelight, among other theatrical productions on the opening day of Kings Theater in 1929, there was a showing of a Dolores del Rio movie, Evangeline. It almost looks like someone snuck a smartphone into the performance and recorded a tad over a minute’s worth. Watching this, at first, she struck me as being, for 1929, about as modern as the day after tomorrow. She also did a personal appearance that opening day in 1929. Apropos of a recent real-estate listing in the L.A. Times, this is how, or rather where she was living back on the left coast in those days.

  2. impressive

    have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  3. That is positively gorgeous. Louis XIV would have been jealous. I'd like to visit.

  4. That is positively gorgeous. Louis XIV would have been jealous. I'd like to visit.

  5. The ornate theaters of the past are very special places. Even the movie houses of the 20's & 30's got their inspiration from the great theaters of Europe. Everyone of them is worth saving. Thanks for sharing this spectacular interior. Have a blessed Ruby Tuesday Too.

  6. Almost embarrassed to admit I am an addict of SYTYCD!


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