Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend Reflections

Monet filled his house in Giverny with art—
even the bathrooms have paintings on
the walls.  I don't recognize the large work at
[now I know it's also a Cézanne], 

but I do see a couple of Cézanne's still 
lifes reflected in the mirror.

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  1. The painting to the left is also a Cezanne. We might be forgiven for not recognizing it in that he is usually residing in São Paulo, Brazil. I wonder if Scipio was craving something to eat when he was posing, some fruit for example...

    It is nice how you caught the reflection of paintings that were hanging next to Scipio yet he is nowhere to be seen in the mirror. I assume the door the still lives are hanging on is not in use.

  2. I ADORED Giverny. I stayed in a home there for two heavenly days. This is a special reflection because of the artwork. Did you get any pictures of the kitchen. It was my favorite room.

    1. Mine too—I actually found myself alone in the kitchen for a minute and snapped away. (I posted a couple of pics on Sept. 4.)

  3. Great photo, and very interesting to see how the reflection in the mirror doesn't reflect what I expected to see.

  4. very artistic reflection!

  5. How great to be able to tour this home with all its special art work. These are not the pieces we see in museums.

  6. I am desperate to visit. It has to be next year. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

  7. Wonderful art works and good reflection. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Great composition. I like it and also the thought that the reflections in the mirror are paintings and that the whole mirror with reflections could be a painting in itself.

  9. Nice reflections! I hope to visit Giverny someday.


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