Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Challenge—"plants"

This is my old office space.  The 
real challenge
here was how I would move these 
plants—which have been thriving and growing
and taking over for 4+ years—when I had 
to move to a new cubicle this week.

Anyway, here are the new digs.

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Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. The before and after kind of remind me of Hilary Swank. You have such a green thumb. Four-plus years! They look so healthy. How do you fertilize them? Do they ever get root pruned and added fresh soil? How do you avoid spillage and drippage when they are watered?

    Hurray! It looks like you are getting closer to a window view. Although I don’t suppose you are any safer from sharks.

    It’s good that both the Eiffel Tower and the rear view of Notre Dame made the transition, and Vernazza, and Venice.

    I was a little curious about the sign. Ha ha. The other sign had me feeling like this.

    1. Great video, TG—merci! But I cannot lie; my thumb is anything but green. All I did was choose these plants well. As long as I speak to them nicely and water them every two weeks, they are grateful and ask for no more. Still looking for a man who fits those criteria. :~}

  2. You did a good job. Very comfortable and homey work space.

  3. Obviously your move was very successful and it must feel very good to be surrounded by all that green life.

  4. good job, you moved them

    have a grand Thursday

    much love...

  5. You have a green thumb or you talk to your plants just as I do. ;) well done!


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