Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Weekend in Black and White

One more post from the beach: and  it 
was absolutely worth getting up at the crack
of dawn to have this all to myself.

[To see more b/w shots, visit Dragonstar's meme.]


  1. The dawn-illuminated waves really stand out against the still night-infused sand.

    Those opposites of black and white made me wonder about other opposites: like the other side of the Oceancrest Pier at sunset.

  2. There is a timelessness of waves washing up on a pristine sand beach. Your photo is well worth your efforts.

  3. Oh yes, that's lovely! Great contrasts and a beautiful scene.

  4. Being in black and white gives this photo a good atmosphere... I imagine it was very tranquil in actuality.

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  5. Beautiful photograph, great reward for being out there when the light is best!


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