Monday, September 28, 2015

And this is . . .

Do you know?  (I cannot tell a lie—I had to look it up.)

Okay, these are Physalis, aka cape gooseberries,
aka ground cherries, aka husk tomatoes.
The fruit inside the papery husk is just a
tad larger than a pea
 and tastes
something like a tomato, only sweeter.

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  1. I thought immediately of Japanese hōzuki ホオズキ(鬼灯、酸漿)。They are Physalis alkekengi and related to your Cape gooseberries which are Physalis peruviana. You can see why they are sometimes referred to as Chinese lantern with the lantern lattice-work as here. I had a friend for a while whose nickname was Hōzuki-chan because her face was so round with prominent cheekbones. There is a Chinese lantern fair at Asakusa Temple in Tokyo every year. Photos here.

    The characteristics of yours are interesting. They can even be made into pies and jams. The Japanese guys are edible but I would say that have a bit of a mealy flavor. Not something I would find myself craving.

  2. I had no idea what these could be. Fascinating harvest from nature.

  3. Amazing macro shot! Thank you for sharing all about it too... I would not have guess tomato.

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  4. Very interesting!
    Have a great week!

  5. Nice shots of ascinating berries. I love them, and raised some from seed this spring. Now, the berries are ripe :)


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