Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Challenge—"seat (2)"

This shot was taken in November and it was
a bit chilly for café sitting.  I do see two
small glasses on a table, though, so apparently 

a couple of people had parked themselves on 
these cold metal chairs and enjoyed a nip.

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  1. Unless the glasses are inside the window. Actually, I think I see the same two glasses as above here. I think your first impression of it being too chilly then in November might be the one to ride with. I do like the turquoise seats, although it looks like someone had been wearing sandpaper slacks.

    1. I traced that photo link down and should give credit where it is due. That photo is from the blog Paris and Beyond by Mobile, Alabama Genie. Were you two together when your photos were taken? Even the chairs are in the same order and they take the chairs in at night. So maybe those really are the exact same glasses.

    2. Seriously, TG—how do you DO that? The answer is yes, I was with my good friend Genie (whom I wouldn't know if it weren't for blogging). We traveled to Paris the following year too, and took twin shots all over town.

  2. I love the colours and the seats, beautiful!


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