Monday, September 7, 2015

painted lady

I spotted this one last week, while I was
riding around the little town of Southport, N.C.
Right behind it is the Cape Fear River.
Like this one, a lot of the houses in this town
have a plaque near the front door that give the home's
original owner and a bit of history.  Most date
to the Civil War era or before.

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  1. I like this a lot. That purple highlight with the blue I suspect must be a modern touch, but nicely eye catching. The double weathervanes. The gazebo, and is that a widow’s walk up there? I am hoping that the danglers hanging above the balcony are hanging lights. It would look brilliant at night. The wind chime on the front porch is of a size to be more than tinkly.

    It might interest some, as it did me, that this Northrup House served as the 1986 film setting for the Magrath home in Bruce Beresford’s “Crimes of the Heart.” You can hardly see it at 0.06 but it is there. Interiors here.


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