Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sakura Matsuri *

* that's the Cherry Blossom Festival held every
year at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
The trees weren't yet in full bloom this past
weekend, but the weather was good
and lots of people came out to enjoy the
ambience and the entertainment.

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  1. What a treasure. Or more accurately, Treasure Ship which is the meaning of the group’s name, Takarabune 宝船 (old-style kanji 寳船)。An intro from their own web site can be read by clicking here.

    I love the awa odori festivals.

    The cherry blossoms did look a little early at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri site, but who knows?, one more week could have been too late due to cold, rain, wind, warm weather/fast blooming...

    There is a song associated with the Awa Odori festival, the lyrics of which run to:
    The dancers are fools
    The watchers are fools
    Both are fools alike so
    Why not dance?

    1. Domo, TG—I was hoping you'd come up with the info I lacked. And I love that song: Why not, indeed?!

    2. どういたしまして

      The Takarabune group is so energetic that I didn’t believe they were related to Awa Odori at first, in spite of arm and leg movements. They seem to have a more uni-sex style as well.

      There is a video of another Awa Odori troupe performing in their native habitat (at this place since 1956) here.


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