Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ABC Wednesday—M is for "macarons"

A lot of people claim that the ones from
Pierre Hermé are the best and some (like me)
head to Ladurée for their macaron fix.
These were for sale at Eric Kayser, but I wasn't
tempted (we were there strictly for 

their yummy baguettes).

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  1. Baguettes, Macarons, any / all will do *grin*

  2. We must drive over 100 miles round trip to get decent baguettes. My fault for living in such a remote and isolated place. But those macrons would be a temptation I would have difficulty passing up. You have posted a mouth watering photo.

  3. Oh, I would much rather succumb to baguettes than macaroons! Now my mouth is watering... think I'll have a bit of garlic na'an with butter!! Thanks for a Mouthwatering picture, for ABC. I did some food too, no picture like this, though. Well done. Amy

  4. Oh I would visit your blog just at supper time!

  5. Glad you have access to your favorites!

  6. Yes. I just had a few (not good for my diet) yesterday! Soooo yummy!

  7. can';t go wrong w either place, I imagine


  8. These do look good, and I would eat one, though I think macarons are vastly overrated. Gimme a really good baguette or ficelle with demi-sel butter any day.

  9. Now I am hungry...ha ha ha good post for the letter M tho.


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