Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feed me, Seymour!

I know this looks a bit like Audrey 2 from
Little Shop of Horrors, but in fact it's 

a teeny tiny geranium bud that I snapped
with my iPhone (and fun macro lens). 

[It's Ruby Tuesday. To see more, go here.
And for more flower macros, go here.]


  1. I loved that movie, both of them, actually; the original BW one (Jack Nicholson was the dentist!), and the more recent one, which was a long time ago. Love the red. Audrey would be pleased with her portrait.

  2. Buds always have so much promise! A great capture:) Added a Dutch thank you for your collection: : dank u well !

  3. It does indeed look like Audrey 2! Red, and all....


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