Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Reflections

Years ago, I had a boss who owned one of these
fabulous houses in Brooklyn Heights (think 
where Cher lived in Moonstruck).  His wife
insisted they sell it and move to Bay Ridge (now
think Saturday Night Fever).  These days, that house 
would be worth many millions of dollars
(and I wonder if he's forgiven her shortsightedness.)

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  1. Where they have been maintained, these old houses are fabulous! And the windows make for great reflections.

  2. I just love bow windows : a little outside inside... And the structure of this one is particulary interesting.

  3. The reflection in that bay window is great. I've a cousin who lives in Brooklyn Heights and in London. Beautiful locations, but I would not trade her.

  4. I love thee reflection in the window. Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Would be nice to sit at the window with a book and to watch the world pass by….lovely reflection!

  6. The reflections remind me of a fantasy world.

  7. I love how clear the reflection is.

  8. I haven't seen Moonstruck but I like the house and the reflection. :-)

  9. Great reflection! I like these kind of window. They look really impressive!

  10. What a lovely window and reflection.

  11. I love your little story Alexa! You set the stage perfectly for the story that played out in my mind as I read.
    There is a similar home in the West Village over by Cherry Lane Theatre. Have you ever seen it? I've often fantasized about living there.
    PS James, Go see Moonstruck, it's a great story.
    ; )


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