Sunday, April 20, 2014

They couldn't be stopped

Despite the best efforts of the people in this neighborhood 
(especially the ones whose light and air will disappear behind it)
developers are hard at work putting up a 17-story luxury apartment 

building here where the West Village meets Soho. 

When it's completed, two-thirds of my
friend's view across the Soho rooftops
will be obliterated.  There ought to be a law.
(And there probably is.  And it's
probably being ignored.)

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  1. That is too sad! Too bad the big guys win all the time.

  2. They say progress but not so much.

  3. Money talks....and does not listen. Too bad.

  4. I talks...and corruption that often goes with it. I can relate to this ..on two counts. My neighbours want to do the same to me... a corporation wants to do the same to our community. The corporation is losing so neighbours...not sure....

  5. ps. thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:))

  6. Progress sometimes seems like regress- we had a new niehgbor buy some land with beuatiful oaks, then cut them down to make pasture....
    I do like the colors and all the business....


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