Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ABC Wednesday—M is for "memento"

It used to be that only couples would leave a 
"lock of love" on a bridge (then throw the key in the
river to seal the deal).  The practice seems to
have expanded: This family left a memory for the whole
clan.  The orange locks and pictures stood out . . . 
no small feat, considering how many
thousands of  locks there are lining both
sides of 
the pont de l'Archevêché!

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  1. What started out cute has turned major ugly, in my opinion. Off with the locks, say I. I think Paris could create some sort of 'sculpture' somewhere, where people could fasten their locks...

    1. Agreed! I like your idea for an alternative place for these. Maybe you should propose it to the new mayor. :~}

  2. M for memento...apt post!

  3. Beautiful...Just been there last month and I was awed at the prospect of the stories behind every lock!

    M for Meteoric Trips

  4. I guess I'm a sucker for the sentimental - I love this.


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