Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Health and Harmony

I wonder who left these Tibetan prayer flags on the
 Brooklyn Bridge.  They're traditional Lung Ta (means

'powerful horse') flags, which are traditionally strung horizontally
so the colors are left to right in this order: blue (sky),
white (air/wind), red (fire), green (water), and yellow (earth).
These had evidently been there for a while when I saw them
last week and I hope they continue to be left in peace.

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  1. Interesting! I didn't know that the colours had a significance.

  2. Oh...another coincidence. I have just strung small prayer flags outside my little kitchen window. Did not realize there was a correct order, and course I got them backwards. Gotta go change 'em. Follow up on your bridge flags.

  3. how interesting, i wouldn't have known!

  4. this is quite interesting; thanks for sharing; have a nice Thursday

    much love...


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